Friday, August 26, 2011

Cool mom style...

One of the most stylish mom's out there has got to be Jen from Jen Loves Kev.  A former high school art teacher, Jen is not only an amazing artist but her cooking is to die for. Check out some of my favorite outfits below.





And how cute is her daughter Rowan? Look at those chubby cheeks!


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  1. Hey!

    I love reading your blog (probably b/c of your writing style). There is a topic though that I haven’t seen covered yet (sorry if I was out of town while you posted it). But I was wondering if you could post about saving cord blood. I’m still trying to decide if its a good idea. I’m using this site for most of my info: , I’d like to hear some real life advice though.

    At the very least I intend on donating. Just thought I’d float the idea by you for a post.



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