Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Animal House

It seems as if our house is starting to overflow with Jack's toys and he is only 7 month old! I'm sure that with Christmas and his birthday in January, the toy situation is only going to get crazier. To remedy the situation, I've been looking for some practical, stylish storage bins. Originally, I had my heart set on this one from Pottery Barn Kids.

Large Canvas Floor Tote Storage
Chocolate Dot - personalized canvas storage tote - $51

But then I found what I was looking for all along! Check out these eco friendly
animal storage bins by 3 Sprouts, a bit smaller than the PBK bin but tons cuter, no?

My two favorites:

Fox storage bin - $39.99

Raccoon storage bin - $39.99
Made of a heavy organic cotton canvas the bin is tough enough to hold whatever you throw in 
it but cute enough to complement the best dressed home. A great space saver the bin folds easily away when not in use.
100% organic cotton canvas
100% eco-spun felt applique (made from recycled plastic bottles!)

ps. How adorable are these hanging wall organizers?

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  1. I have two of the XL pottery barn canvas bins and LOVE them. I keep his toys in them and it's perfect for keeping his toys accessible for him, but keeping the house looking tidy and stylish for me. they are certainly a must have! I had the words "things" and "stuff" embroidered on them.


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