Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Diaper Bag Series!


I'm so excited to introduce this new series to the blog! Inspired by the bag post from the Through Her Eyes Series, I've asked some of my favorite mom bloggers to share the contents of their diaper bags.

We kick of the series with one of my favorites, Sherry from Young House Love. As we all know, Sherry and her hubby John are the undisputed DIY king and queen of the blog wold. Sherry was part of the first edition of the Through Her Eyes Series (does Sherry's purse look familiar?) and was the first person I asked to participate.

Check out what this stylish momma carries around with her to make sure that the adorable Clara has everything she needs. Enjoy!

 I know it's strange not to have a typical diaper bag, but since Clara wears cloth diapers (we keep an extra one along with a plastic baggie for the used one and wipes in the car and stroller) I guess it's less about carting those around in my purse and more about having things like snacks and a bib on hand. I'm a sucker for things that muti-task, so I guess I love the idea of packing things into my purse. And whenever we need a diaper change we have the car or the stroller with us so I've found it's easier not to keep extras of those supplies in my purse since they're pretty bulky.

Stuffed into my bag I have: my wallet, my iPhone, a bib for Clara, a napkin that serves as our whole-house color inspiration, a pen, a fruit leather snack for Clara, organic hand sanitizer for the bean (and our dirty hands too), keys, a tape measure, a hair elastic, a bag of goldfish crackers, a digital camera and extra battery for all of the funny Clara pictures that we take on the go, and little table cover things that John's parents gave to us (they stick to the table at a restaurant so you can put food on them without Clara throwing the whole thing on the floor like she would with a lose plate or napkin). There's also usually a sippy cup of water and a small board book in there too.

Thank you Sherry! 
Stay tuned as another hip momma shares her diaper bag next week!


  1. I spy Sue, the napkin!

  2. This is great! I really love this idea and I am looking forward to the next edition!

  3. This is great! I really love this idea and I am looking forward to the next edition!

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