Monday, February 11, 2013

Check it out: Simple Closet Organization

Ever since Jack was born I've had a weekly sunday night ritual, I pick out his week's outfits and set them on top of the rocking chair in his room. I wanted to rotate his clothing so he would be able to wear everything he owned at least one. My "method" worked but it seemed so disorganized. It wasn't until last week that I realized I could've purchased a closet organizer like this one years ago - duh! But in true bargain shopper form, I wanted to find something the served the same purpose but for a lot less money. In came IKEA's SKUBB organizer for only $4.99. It doesn't come with "day of the week" labels but it functions perfectly.

Hello Jack Blog: Closet Organization

Hello Jack Blog: Closet Organization

Now I have a way to plan his outfits, no messy rocking chair involved. I even have a place for his socks and shoes of the day. Plus as an additional bonus, my husband no longer has to ask "what should Jack wear today?" Win - win!

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  1. This is a genius idea that I must duplicate immediately! :)



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