Friday, October 21, 2016

Company Spotlight: Baby Wheels Orlando

As you know, we recently returned from a family trip to Disney -- head to my Instagram page for more pictures -- it was fun and exhausting! We drove down from Georgia, and while we knew bringing a stroller with us was a must, we are a family of 5 that needed tons of room in the car so we decided to rent a double stroller from Baby Wheels Orlando.

Initially we were set to arrive on the same day as Matthew. Yes, hurricane Matthew! Luckily our awesome travel agent was able to switch our reservations and we were headed to Orlando two days after our original arrival date. I called Baby Wheels Orlando and they immediately accommodated my last minute date change. 
We left Georgia early on Saturday morning and our stroller was set to be delivered at 3pm. Due to the storm, many roads where still closed so our drive to Orlando took longer than expected.  I spoke to customer service and they AGAIN arranged for a new delivery day and time. 

Look! All my children in ONE stroller -- plus our drinks, diaper bag and gift bags!

Based in Orlando, Florida, Baby Wheels Orlando offers a full range of strollers from singles and doubles to Sit-n-Stands and even travel systems. All strollers come equipped with a rain cover and a parent console -- which was super handy! BWO has the perfect stroller to fit your family needs! They also offer a variety of accessories including this glider board that we decided to get for Jack. 

Delivery and pick up was so easy! The driver gave us a call before he arrived to our Disney hotel and we simply met him at the hotel lobby. I can without a doubt tell you that this trip would not have gone as smoothly if we didn't have this stroller. It was roomy -- big enough for Jack who will be 6 in January -- but easy to close when taking the bus to and from the parks. The entire Baby Wheels Orlando provided us exceptional customer service and their stroller was top rate. 

SPECIAL OFFER  If you are headed to the Orlando area - Disney Parks or Universal Studios - use code BBlog during check out and receive $5 off of your stroller rental order. Trust me when I tell you that you will not be disappointed with their service, prices and quality of their strollers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Product Love: Carter's Every Step Shoe Line

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that we recently returned from a family trip to Disney. Lucia started walking at 11 months so it was important to me that during our trip she would wear shoes that were not only comfortable but actually help her continue to learn how to walk properly. With high-tech sensory pods for better balance and molded outsoles for better traction, Carter’s Every Step Line made choosing the right shoes for her easy.

Each of their shoes has sensory technology, self-adjusting elastic, and easy on and off designs to adapt to every stage of growth. Individually, each stage has unique features that help baby learn to crawl, stand, and walk (not to mention their designs are super cute!). Carter's has created a line of shoes that help little ones reach each major motor milestone.

Stage 1: Uniquely designed for crawling
  • Soft, protective toe caps let baby glide with ease 
  • Seamless linings for comfort Roomy fit lets bones and muscles grow naturally 
  • Easy on and off slip-ons

Stage 2: Designed for standing upright, balancing on both feet

  • Sensory pods at the heel and forefoot for better ground feel 
  • Thin soles help protect sensitive feet 
  • Seamless linings for comfort Roomy, self-adjusting fit allows feet to develop naturally

Stage 3: Designed for standing and walking steadily

  • Molded outsoles for better traction Sensory pods at heel and forefoot for better balance 
  • Roomy, self-adjusting fit allows feet to continue to develop naturally

Friday, September 30, 2016

Baby Essentials: Bitzy Bumper® The Crib Bumper Solution

Given that September is JPMA's Baby Safety Month, I didn't want this month to end before sharing a product that is making infant sleeping safer.

Revolutionizing and innovative, Bitzy Baby's Bumped Liner features breathable 3D webbed removable inserts and a natural microfiber exterior and it has 30 times less suffocation risk than the industry standard for safe sleeping. The Bitzy bumped liner offers all five critical features needed to create a safe and modern sleeping environment: 
  • cushioned
  • breathable 
  • prevention
  • collapsable
  • modern 

The bumpers are easy to install and fit most cribs, its neutral color is perfect to match all nursery styles and decor.

Use promo code FBSHIP during checkout and receive free shipping within the US
Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What to Wear: Effortless Fall Style

After I became a mom, my number one priority when it came to clothing was comfort. I want pieces  in my wardrobe to be versatile and comfortable without sacrificing style. Boston base knitwear brand Nic+Zoe offers distinctive colors and patterns, feminine textures and soft neutrals that are perfect for busy moms who value modern interpretations of timeless classics. Featuring beautiful designs, fine materials and expert craftsmanship, the Nic+Zoe line bring effortless style and comfort to every women's closet.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Product Love: Stuck on You - Kids Labels and Personalized Gifts

It's hard to believe that Dylan is already old enough to attend the Mother's Day Out program at our Church. Just like Jack did back in 2013, Dylan started last month and will be going 2 days away from 9:30-1:30. 

And just like we back in 2013, we ordered name and clothing labels from Stuck on You, a site offering an amazing range of personalized products from labels and tags to drink bottles, lunch boxes, clothing, growth charts and much more.

All of their colorful, unique designs are created in-house by a talented team of graphic designers and allow you to instantly preview your personalized item before placing an order.

I've been using Stuck on You products for over 3 years and the quality of their food/drink labels as well as their iron-on clothing dots are by far superior than other brands I've purchased. Dylan is all set for Mother's Day Out with his new vehicle name labels and city iron-on dot clothing labels.

  • Scratch resistent coating 
  • Microwave/Washer safe 
  • Great for lunchboxes, drink bottles and more 
  • Eco Ink Assorted shape variations per pack 
  • Extremely Durable 


  • Perfect for daycare, school or home 
  • Washer & Dryer safe 
  • Permanent clothing label

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